“Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.” ~Henry Beecher

Friday, April 1, 2011

Breathe Life into Your Dreams

I have been a Bikram Yoga practitioner for over four years and I believe it is one of the reasons that I have never felt better in my life. It’s an extreme test of strength, balance, focus, patience, and acceptance and it has helped me to grow personally, both in and outside of the yoga studio.

About fifteen months ago, I began taking classes at Bikram Yoga in the Valley~Simsbury and have been a dedicated client ever since. Why is that you ask? Because the owners, Richard Mercer and Laurie Krause have created something so special that I am grateful to have the opportunity to practice there.

In the video below, Richard shares with us what inspired him to open the yoga studio and his rationale for its design. You will also have the opportunity to see the studio and what makes it so special.

What wow’d me about the studio is that Richard seemed to think of everything. How did this happen? His intention was to create a place where he would want to practice everyday and he set out to eliminate as many variables as possible for having a bad class. This way, he could focus on his physical and mental status rather than whether there’s enough fresh air in the room. And setting a high standard for himself meant that he would be offering the same high standard to his clients.

This idea made me think that as a new business owner, if I were my own client, how would I want to be treated? I find this idea very useful for breathing life into my current dream of building my practice as a holistic health coach.

And for someone who is very sensitive to air quality and feels that the foundation of this yoga practice rests on breathing, Richard’s attention to the atmosphere especially got my attention. You can listen to Richard talk about his journey to opening the studio and to see it in the video below:

For example, the floor, walls, and ceiling are all well-insulated to keep the room humid and warm, and the heating system is green in that it transfers the heat from the air leaving the building to the new, fresh air that is being drawn into the room, helping to conserve heat and save money.

There is also continuous air flow in the room, which helps provide a continuous supply of oxygen as well as encourage sweat evaporation. This allows us to stay heated yet feel a sense of coolness, which relieves some of the distress associated with prolonged exposure to the heat.

There’s even an ionization system in the room to keep it “smell-free” and the carpet resists microbes as well. Mirrors on three walls give us more opportunities to check our form and there are lots of windows up high to bring in natural light without being distracting.

When class isn’t in session, calming music floats through the room, making it the perfect place for meditation or simply breathing. And the lobby area is a warm and welcoming community space where everyone can relax and learn from one another.

In addition, the studio has attracted some wonderful people, which has only added to the allure of an already pleasant atmosphere. So if you’re ever in the Simsbury, CT area and would like to try a Bikram yoga class, I encourage you to visit Bikram Yoga in the Valley~Simsbury. I believe it’s what the Bikram yoga experience is supposed to be…