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Friday, October 2, 2009

Letting Go and Sending Your Fears into Extinction

Many of us don’t realize the magnitude of influence that negativity has on every second of our lives. The sad part is, the majority of this negativity is not directed towards us by others but is fabricated within our own minds. Take fear for example. Every one of us is afraid of one or more things. I’m not talking about scary monsters, but I may as well be because our fears are in our faces like monsters, or like the ferocious dinosaur below.

They are powerful, vivid, ever present, and limit our creative potential because they are energy drainers that feed off of us to grow, thereby preventing our own positive growth and expansion. It’s only when we find the courage to face our fears that they stop growing because we no longer allow them to feed. And very often, when we tackle that scary thing we realize that it isn’t so bad after all. In fact, whatever it is doesn’t change when we face it, our perception of it changes. Maybe it’s trying new a food or going out and meeting new people or getting on a plane. Whatever it is, once the fear is gone, we can replace it with happiness or confidence or the desire to take on more challenges. We can grow.

The inability to let go of things from our past that we cling to through the negative emotions we’ve assigned to them also has an inhibitory and detrimental impact on our personal growth and happiness. These negative emotions can include regret, resentment, anger, hatred or hostility. Like the fear dinosaur, these also invade our minds and bodies suffocating us, leaving no room for possibility or enthusiasm. As a result, they drag us down, sap our vitality and cause us to contract.

The first step to letting go is to identify those events or circumstances that we’re gripping onto and the unpleasant and unhealthy emotion(s) that we’ve linked to them. Next, we must make a conscious decision to let go of those emotions. A sincere attempt at this will initiate the moving forward process and once that begins, that dinosaur begins to appear further and further off in the distance and begins to shrink in size, making room within us for new experiences, learning, happiness, and growth. Eventually, the once powerful negativity becomes a vague feeling that eventually disappears, leaving behind the initial experience or event without any association to bad feelings - and a lesson. And it is this detached lesson that is the ultimate gift to our transformation and growth and in the presence of enough wisdom, will be called upon to make better decisions in the future.

So if you are committed to your own positive evolution. If you want to lead a fulfilling and happy life that is defined by creativity, enthusiasm, possibility and love, then send your fears and negative feelings of the past into extinction where they belong. And save the monuments for the dinosaurs.

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