“Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.” ~Henry Beecher

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Put Health First

Many of us don’t realize the impact that good health has on our daily lives until we get sick. Then, it’s the only thing on our minds. We become paralyzed, unable to live our lives and accomplish our goals. It feels as if the World is passing us by. I’ve experienced this in my own life with illness. I’ve seen a headache prevent a mother from seeing her children experience something for the first time. And years of bad eating habits lead to heart disease and surgery. And the toll that stress can have on someone who is overworked or ignores their need for sleep. And the feeling of discouragement and lack of motivation from constant fatigue.

When you experience amazing health you understand it’s value. The condition of our physical health is the foundation for everything else and it shapes our mental and emotional states. To live at our best, to grow, to help others, to have a fulfilling family and social life, do our best at work, to dream and aspire to do great things requires energy, stamina, a positive outlook, a strong will and mental determination. They also require that we love ourselves first. And that begins with respecting and caring for our bodies because they are the only vehicles we have to carry out our days.

There are times, yes, where life can be busy and seem like it’s spinning out of control and the thought of our health may take the back seat. But if we make it a priority, allow it to become habit and integrate it into our lifestyle, then we don’t necessarily have to think about it; it becomes a part of us, something we are naturally. We also become less vulnerable to setbacks and recover from them more easily which makes our lives more effective, more meaningful and happier. So if you want to raise the bar in every area in your life, put your health first and watch how it elevates your World. You will be grateful for this gift that you give to yourself. And so will those whose lives you touch.

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