“Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.” ~Henry Beecher

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunrise Over the Ocean

I’ve spent the last several days in Southern Maine at Old Orchard Beach. As a kid, I would visit here every summer with my family. We would spend a week swimming in the ocean, playing in the sand and eating seafood. I hadn’t been here in seven or eight years and had forgotten all about the beauty of this shoreline. The sand is smooth and the water is clean and low tide goes on forever.

Although I don’t spend time sunbathing, I still love to be out here and as I’ve gotten older, one of my favorite times to come is early in the morning. So all this week, I’ve been on the sand before sunrise. The beach has been mostly empty and I’ve sat quietly, listening to the waves crash and the seagulls. It has also been a perfect time to meditate and journal.

But the best thing, by far, about these mornings has been watching the sunrise over the ocean. It first appears as a dim slice of red/pink that grows into a bright pink glowing ball that looks surreal against the gray sky. As it rises, it casts a brilliant streak of pink across the sand, then soon after, another streak appears behind it that reflects along the surface of the water. Within minutes, the pink orb is replaced by bright yellow light and the sun that we see throughout the day continues its ascent. You can watch this on video here:

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be with the sunrise here one last time before heading home. No doubt I am grateful to be in the presence of something so spectacular, beautiful and miraculous. This week, it’s been the best part of my days…

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