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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flavorful Salmon, Roasted Tomatoes and Pearl Couscous Recipe

One of the few types of fish I am eating at the moment is wild salmon because it’s one of the safer varieties to choose from. It also helps that I LOVE it and that it’s so easy to prepare! I recently found the recipe below at and it was highlighted as a nice winter meal for keeping the immune system strong and flu-resistant. It provides healthy doses of omega 3 fatty acids from the fish, vitamin D, lycopene, and quercetin, a health-promoting flavanoid. The recipe appears a little complicated at first, but it’s worth the effort. The most labor-intensive steps involve preparing the lemon oregano oil, but believe me you won’t want to leave it out. It’s fabulous with the fish, the couscous and the tomatoes. I also roasted extra tomatoes to make a quick sauce that was gobbled up and roasted some zucchini and a portabella mushroom I had in the fridge. The pearl couscous is more like pasta to me and although I haven’t been eating so much pasta lately, I really enjoyed it with the fish. I think it would be nice to occasionally add to soups as well. Except for roasting extra vegetables, I followed the recipe almost exactly as it is listed here. I will definitely be making this dish again…

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