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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Leader in the Quilling Community

Last Sunday, I came across a piece in the morning newspaper about a quiller by the name of Pat Caputo in Enfield, CT. Quilling is a craft where thin strips of paper are rolled, pinched into various shapes, then arranged together into an infinite number of arrangements and configurations to create some beautiful pieces or artwork. I was so impressed with Pat’s story in the newspaper that I called her and she agreed to do an interview with me.

Pat has been quilling for over thirty years and began when she was home raising her children. It is a craft that she fell in love with, but as time went on, she found it more difficult to find quilling supplies at local craft shops. But instead of letting this problem deter her, she used it as an opportunity to strengthen her relationships with major quilling suppliers and to bring quillers together by starting her own business in 1981. Whimsiquills offers quilling supplies, patterns, teaching and reference materials, and useful information that would otherwise be difficult for crafters to find. She also showcases many of her gorgeous pieces on her website, and you can see some on the video below:

Because of her leadership and passion for her work, she has gotten involved in a number of quilling projects. For example, she became one of the founding members of the North American Quilling Guild, has hosted and led quilling workshops, and her work has been featured in The Book of Paper Quilling, Paper Quilling, The Weekend Crafter Series, and Family Circle Magazine. In addition, she started a blog for quillers everywhere to ask questions, share their thoughts, and to present their work in the hopes that it will help to generate new ideas and expand the quilling community.

Today, Pat gets orders, emails, and cards from quillers from all over the World. She loves her work and it’s easy to see why she has been such a success. I’m so happy that I took a chance and had the opportunity to meet Pat. Over the years, I have developed a much greater appreciation for hand-crafted items, and the crafters themselves. As I was thinking about why that is, I realized it’s because of my much greater appreciation, these days, for the value of time. And if someone chooses to use their time creatively to make something that will bring joy to others, then I am so grateful. Because as far as I’m concerned, there can never be enough beauty in this World. Thank You Pat!!


  1. Thank you for showcasing the great art of quilling with an excellent article and video featuring Pat Caputo of Whimsiquills. I alerted the quilling community via the Yahoo groups to come take a look. I hope your post inspires non-quillers to give the art of quilling a try.

  2. Dear Charlotte, I'm so delighted that you enjoyed my post about Pat. It was a joy to meet her and to learn about quilling. I visited your blog and found you have a great story, some wonderful tips and beautiful pieces as well! All very inspiring. Thank you!

  3. Linda!!! Charlotte told us about your article and I was very happy to read your article about Pat. She is an incredible and amazing artist and a great friend of all quillers. I´m very happy to see a pic of her too!!!!:))))
    Have a wonderful week!!

  4. Hi Linda,
    Your blog and video have created quite a stir among my quilling friends. I didn't get to see the blog until Sunday evening, but heard about it all day long. I did want to mention that the little tea cup critters are not my creations but those of Sherry Rodehaver another good quilling friend. Thanks again Linda for bringing quilling to a new audience.

  5. Great to 'see ' you Pat!!!!!!!!! The mother of Quilling in North America!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing such a valuable for every quiller interview, and the opportunity to "meet" Pat :)

  7. Before this day I never thought paper was such a magic and we have magicians like Pat and Inna around us. I am in love with this magic.

  8. Me fascinò visitar esta pàgina.Espero algùn dìa aprender este maravilloso arte.
    Lima ,Perù